Program preview 2019

17 January 2019

Dear Friends of the Apartment of Art/ AoA

it’s time for a short preview of the upcoming exhibition season 2019

In collaboration with the cultural department of the city of Munich and Goethe Institut Taipei and Munich we were able

to continue the cooperation with Taipei Artist Village /TAV for the years 2019/20. This comprises a yearly three

month residency exchange within the cities Taipei and Munich and solo exhibitions for the Taiwanese and German

artists in residence in theApartment of Art /AoA

In 2019 we will start the season on April 6th with the solo exhibition of the Munich artist Patrik Thomas.

He was part of our exchange program in Taipei in 2018 and works in various collaborative constellations

at the interface between film, installation and performance. The installation he will beshowing in the apartment is

based on a cinematic idea that has begun to be implemented in Taipei and will be featured in its previous results.

Exhibition duration until 03. May.

Photo: Patrik Thomas

On the 18th of May, an exhibition will open for which we invited Wu Tung-Lungfrom Taiwan. Born in Taipei in 1976,

he is one of the few artists in Taiwan who works for many years to advance abstract painting. Based on old handcraft

techniques of Chinese painting on wood, he has developed a style that combines elements of informal and minimalist

design with a monochromatic imprimatur. His solo exhibition in the apartment of art is his first exhibition in Germany.

Wu Tung-Lung participated in many exhibitions in Asia. Among other things, he had first museum solo exhibitions in

Taiwan and Singapore in 2017 and 2018.

In 2008 he was given a residence at the Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, and in 2012 the int. Glenfiddich scholarship

in Scotland. For his stay in Munich, he receives a three-month scholarship from the Villa Waldberta.

Photo: Wu Tung Lung

On June 1, Taiwanese artist Huang Li-Hui will perform her three-month residence in Munich. Based on her

family background, (her father was a political prisoner during the time of the "White Terror" under dictator

Jiang Kai-Chek in Taiwan, her mother-in-law is a German who emigrated to the United States after World War II)

and the social and historical influences to which she is subjected by this constellation, she would like to continue

her research on her project "The daughter of time". The exhibition will have its opening reception on June 29th

and ends on July 26th.

Many thanks to the artists, curators and supporters with whom we were allowed to collaborate in 2018.

Now we look forward to a year full of exciting work and encounters, and looking forward to see everybody again.

with the best wishes for the new year

apartment of art / AoA 2019