Body in Ambiguity

8 July 2017 - 4 August 2017

Huang Meng-Chin is the first residency-artist of the new exchange project between Munich and Taipei. The Apartment der Kunst / apartment of art (AoA) already organized an exchange, based on a private initiative with VT-Artsalon Taipei from 2014 - 2016. (supported by the City of Munich and the Ministry of Cultural Affairs Taiwan).

Recently this exchange project reached a new level. Since the end of 2016 we could arrange an official residency exchange between the cities of Taipei and Munich together with our new partners, Taipei Artist Village (TAV), Goethe Institute Taipei and Munich and our old partner: the Cultural Department of the City of Munich.

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The 1978 born taiwanese artist specializes understands the stage-like designed space in the apartment of art as his accessible mental body. Originating from a country (or rather "no land land"), which still moves in the interstices between extreme progress and deep-rooted traditional values, Huang takes advantage of the freedom of his stay here in Munich relating his ambiguous feelings, his covered hidden Gay identity and the social and family constraints in which he is arrested. He says:“ I always tried to hide something, but the more I try to hide, the bigger becomes the distance to myself! And so, in this exhibition, I like to take the chance to create some „fiction“ relating what I want to be and show who I actually am.“

The exhibition "Body in Ambiguity" is designed as an installation / course of videos, birds netting and sensitive and intimate stories about himself, which are filling the room as a sound carpet. A "Garden of Desire" in which he does not have to think about what the people think of him. In the videos, which are based on Huang 's performative actions, he reflects on his multiple identity. But not only in his body, also in the body of Taiwan, in which, from his childhood, he experiences the search for identity and which envelops him in direct relation to himself. The status of the "between" of the non-definable has become his homeland.

Huang Meng-Chin is currently working on his PhD in new media and technological arts, in the Department of Arts at the National Taiwan Normal University.

Recent awards include participation in the 2007 India Global Artists in Residence program, Artists Workshop residency at SCA(Sydney College of the Arts) in 2010. In the same year he also won the 2010 ACC(Asian Cultural Council)Taiwan Fellowship, Headlands, and the 2011 Fulbright Artist Scholarship. In 2012, he won the international exhibition scholarship from the Ministry of Culture to hold a personal exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey. In 2014, he won a scholarship from the National Culture and Arts Foundation to study at The Eugeniusz Gepper Art Institute.

Recent exhibitions including ”Optical illusion of the Body ”(2017, Digiark, NTMoFA , Taichung, Taiwan),”into the body field_the connection of Asian and European contemporary arts”(2016, Haohaus Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan), ”The landscape of Anamorphic Body_inter-faces”(2016, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan), ”Knitting a paratextual Body”(2015, Digital Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan), ”Rituels de Lumiere”(2015, Galerie Joseph Antonin, Arles, France), A Body of Mobile Machine”(2015, Halka Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey).

The solo exhibition „Body in Ambiguity“ Apartment der Kunst / apartment of art (AoA) is his first exhibition in Germany.