1986 geboren in Kiew, Ukraine

2010-13 Studium Kunstpädagogik, LMU München, BA of Arts

2012-16 Studium Malerei und Grafik bei Prof. Jean-Marc Bustamante AdBK München

2017-19 Studium Bildhauerei bei Prof. Florian Pumhösl, AdBK München, Diplom

seit 2018 Meisterschülerin von Prof. Florian Pumhösl


2020 Carriers, Kunstarkaden, München(kommend)

2020 You are in my wave ll, Apartment der Kunst, München

Blick Fang 2020, Kunsthaus Kaufbeuren

Pirol–Onhe Netz, Dessous, Wien

Art News, Smudajescheck Galerie, München

Münchener Meisterklasse, Kunstforum Münchener Bank

2019 Atmosphären, Filser & Gräf Galerie, München

New kids on the block, Halle50, München

Diplomausstellung, AdBK München

#weeklyissues No. 9, fructa space, München

2018-2012 the upside down // excavating the future, Dannerpreis Ausstellung AdBK München

Quick Pieces, Richas Digest, Köln (solo)

pieces, Richas Digest, Köln

11:02, Chantall, München (solo)

finir en beauté, Galerie der Künstler, München

Kunsthoch 46 Burg, Galerie im Volkspark, Halle

nothing special, KHG M¸nchen (solo)

Reality Through Fiction, Circuits and Currents, Athen

Zwischenorte, AkademieGalerie München (solo)

Reflexion – Ästhetische Referenzen, 8. Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie, Darmstadt

Artist Comes First Festival international d‘art de Toulouse, Toulouse


2020 Kunstpreis, Kunsthaus Kaufbeuren

2019 Sommerakademie Salzburg

2018 Kunstförderpreis der Dannerstiftung

Bayerische Atelierförderung

Preis des Akademievereins zur Jahresausstellung

Sommerakademie Salzburg


2015 Sommerakademie Dresden

Sommerresidenz Kalbe

Fumbarevs work aims to reconcile the sculptural and the pictorial. Exploring transfer processes from image to material, she starts with photographic representations of urban spaces and their visual phenomena and (literally) concretizes them as image objects. Therefore she casts image carriers from concrete and applys screen prints with photographic material. Due to the handcrafted process, each piece has a unique character. Pictures of facades containing various visual elements are transferred to the

porous surface of the plates. There can be, for instance, shadows on walls or just structures of the walls themselves, and one hardly notices the photographic core of the image. As Xenia constitutes: „Since I have been interested in photography, motifs of the casual and the ubiquitous have been fascinating me. During the last two years, I have been reducing narration. Instead questions about how pictures are to be found and what language they speak have become crucial: What constitutes a picture? How much information is needed for a picture to become one? At a certain point, I couldn’t answer these questions merely with photography anymore. Photography became a point of

departure from which on I would investigate new materials. As a result, my current work not only bears testimony to my origins in the medium, but also my alienation from it.“