Meng-Chin HUANG (黃盟欽)

( Currently lives and works in Taipei, TAIWAN.)

Solo exhibitions

2017 Body in Ambiguity, apartment der Kunst, Munich, Germany

2016 The Landscape of Anamorphic Body_ inter-faces, Multiple Screen, NTMoFA, Taichung, Taiwan

2015 Knitting a Paratextual Bodyaipei Digital Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan

2014 Lost in Deviation, FZ15 Gallery, Taipei

2013 Rougir, Nanhi Gallery, Taipei

The Seventh Tree, Shin Leh Yuan Art Space, Taipei

Caught blue in the Moment, Center for Art & Humanities, NYMU, Taipei

Blue in your eye, Halka art Project, Istanbul, Turkey

2010 Flowers Blossom, Headlands Center for the Arts, San Francisco, USA

Between the Calmness and Turbulence, Kwan-Du Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei

2008 ILLUSIONAL FRONTIER, Banciao 435 international artist village, New Taipei City

Hide.Lost.Seek, Shin Leh Yuan Art Space, Taipei

2007 LOVE - the approach of desire, Nan-Pei Art Space, TNUA, Taipei

2006 Another kind of aroma, Shin Leh Yuan Art Space, Taipei

2005 to be… HUANG MENG-CHIN Solo Exhibition, Stock 20, Taichung

Group exhibitions (selected)

2016 into the body field-the connection of Asian and European contemporary arts, Haohaus gallery, Taipei

2015 RITUELS DE LUMIERE, Galerie Joseph Antonin, Arles, France

2014 Mobil time/ Body Imaging, Shin Leh Yuan Art Space, Taipei

huang huang -that daily mirage, Wingrow Art Gallery, Taipei

Disturbance-New Media Art Exhibition,Teh-Chung Gallery, Taipei
2013 with my<>,trade your<>, Taipei artist Village, Taipei

2012 Utopia, Bamboo Curtain Studio, Taipei

Artist Fair, Culture & Creative Industries Park, Taichung, Taipei

present or absence, Chaiyi Village of Railway Art, Chaiyi

ActionⅡ, Art Door Gallery, Taipei

2011 100 Gender Photographs, Danshui Art Center, Taipei

2010 Pervaded Paradise-DIY Art Festival by Hua Shan Fon, Huashan Art District, Taipei

Who is Huang chung-sung?!, SinPink Pier, VT Artsalon, Kaohsiung, Taipei


2017 Taipei/ Munich exchange artist residency program, Munich, Germany

2015 international Curation program, Halka Art Project, Istanbul, Turkey

2014 Artist residence, Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts, Wroclaw, Poland

2013 Artist- in- residence Program, Halka Art Project, Istanbul, Turkey

2011 Artist- in- residence Program, Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, USA

2010 Artist- in- residence Program, Headlands Center for the Arts, San Francisco, USA

Research residency program, Sydney College of the Arts, Australia

2007 Artist-in-Residence Program, Global Art Village, New Delhi, India

Awards & Grants

2016 New Taipei city art price, new media arts, best-selected

Hung-Chi art price, new media arts, best-selected

2015 Digital art proposal competition, National Taiwan Art Museum

2014 Da-Dun art price, sculpture, the third place winner

2012 Project Grant in Fine Arts: Annual 2013 Section 2, National Culture and Arts Foundation

Project Grant for international exhibition, Ministry of Culture, Taiwan Government

International exchange Fellowship, Culture Affairs Department, New Taipei City government

2010 Taiwan Fellowship in Headlands Center for the Arts, Asian Cultural Council(ACC)

The 9th seasonal nomination for Taishin Art Price, Taishin Bank Foundation for Art and Cultures

Project Grant in Fine Arts: Annual 2010 Section 1, National Culture and Arts Foundation

2009 Fulbright Artist Exchange Fellowship, Foundation of Scholarly Exchange

2008 Best- selected in the New Emerging Artists in Taiwan 3D Creation Series, TCS Art Center

2007 The study Abroad Fellowship, Taipei National University of the Arts

M.F.A Scholarship, Taipei National University of the Arts

2005 Outstanding Art Work Prize in Department of Fine Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts

2001 Second-best for Art Festival, National Taiwan University of the Arts.

Huang Meng-Chin is currently working on his PhD in new media and technological arts, in the Department of Arts at the National Taiwan Normal University. Recent awards include participation in the 2007 India Global Artists in Residence program, Artists Workshop residency at SCA (Sydney College of the Arts) in 2010. In the same year he also won the 2010 ACC (Asian Cultural Council) Taiwan Fellowship, Headlands, and the 2011 Fulbright Artist Scholarship. In 2012, he won the international exhibition scholarship from the Ministry of Culture to hold a personal exhibition is Istanbul, Turkey. In 2014, he won a scholarship from the National Culture and Arts Foundation to study at The Eugeniusz Gepper Art Institute. Recent exhibitions including ”into the body field_the connection of Asian and European contemporary arts” (2016, Haohaus Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan), ”The landscape of Anamorphic Body_” inter-faces” (2016, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan), ”Knitting a paratextual Body” (2015, Digital Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan), ”Rituels de Lumiere” (2015, Galerie Joseph Antonin, Arles, France), "A Body of Mobile Machine” (2015, Halka Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey).

Huang’s work focuses on the perception of the form of the body, often integrating mixed media, installation, and figurative works. By exploring the core concept of body images, develops avenues of awareness from the concept of body, and considers the visual framework of bodily reconstruction using technological media. This means changing the appearance of objects, images, sounds, waves, or other forms provoking an attraction that defies traditional definition. This construction uses the topic of the body to re-create human senses through the arrangement of spaces, and by means of a dialogue of flowing images; the perceptual narratives of bodies in time, and space are joined. This includes imaginary human temperature situation, drawing reactions and emotional responses from viewers. The work is filled with a unique visual vocabulary and emotional tension, creating an encounter with emotional energy being released, and a multiplicity of body images from the relationship between form and displacement.