Selected Exhibitions

2018 Apr., “Reversi / Tao Yuan RCA Special Edition”, “Reversi / Tao Yuan RCA Special Edition -Li Hui Huang’s solo exhibition”, MOCA Taipei (Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei), Taipei

2017 Oct., “The Daughter of Time”, “The Daughter of Time-Li Hui Huang Solo Exhibition”, Haiton Art Center, Taipei

2016 Oct., “Reversi”, “Street Fun, Fun Street Community Art Festival”, MOCA Taipei (Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei),Taipei

2016 Sep., “Happy Paradise”, “2016 Taipei Biennial”, TFAM (Taipei Fine ArtsMuseum), Taipei

2016 Apr., “Reversi”, “Reversi-Li Hui Huang’s solo exhibition”, Black and White Gallery, Taichung

2015 Oct., “Across The Universe”, Performance, “The On Site Artfest 2015”, URS21 Chung Shan Creative Hub, Taipei

2015 Jun., “See the Image, Forget Me Not”, “See the Image, Forget Me Not”, Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei

2015 May., “ ㄈ ross ㄈ ultural 尺elationship”, "Art on TV: TAV Studio Project", Barry Room, Taipei Artist Village, Taipei

2015 Mar., “Asian Babe “ , “Change Seed”,CoCA (Center on Contemporary Art), Seattle

2014 Jul., “Hello Goodbye Chicago” ,“Happy Together”, Morpho Gallery, Chicago

2013 Apr., “GHOST”, MFA SHOW 2013, Sullivan gallery, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago

2012 Dec., “Get a Room”, The Fifth Wall, Sullivan gallery, Chicago

2012 Feb., “Across the Universe”, First and For Most, Defibrillator performance art gallery, Chicago

2011 Feb., “15 Minutes of Marriage II”, Live Ammo, Taipei MOCA, Taipei

2010 Sep., “15 Minutes of Marriage I”, Sheng---keng performance, Xinbei City Art Festival, Xinbei City

2008 Dec.– Mar. 2009, “Make me high and more”,

2008 Taipei Arts Awards, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei

2007 July., “There Is a Little Wet Land in My Heart”, 9th Taipei Film Festival Taipei, Image Award, Taipei

Residency Experience

2019 Apartment of Art, Munich

2015 Apr.-Jun., Treasure Hill Artist Village

Honors and Awards

2017 第十六屆台新獎第四季提名

2008 The Daughter of Time, Nominated (2017 Season 4), The 16th Taishin Arts Award

2008 Make Me High and More, Finalist, The Taipei Arts Awards

2007 There Is a Little Wet Land in My Heart, Special Mentions, 9th Taipei Film Festival Taipei Image Award


2018 / 4 月 “黑白棋 / 桃園RCA 版”,“黑白棋 / 桃園RCA 版— 黃立慧個展“,工傷協會桃園工作站,桃園

2017 / 10 月 “時間的女兒”,“時間的女兒-黃立慧個展”,海桐藝術中心,臺北

2016 / 10 月 “黑白棋”(臺北當代藝術館版),“2016 街大歡囍”,臺北當代 藝術館,臺北

2016 / 9 月 “快樂天堂”,“2016 臺北雙年展”,臺北市立美術館,臺北

2016 / 4 月 “黑白棋”(忠信市場版),“黑白棋-黃立慧個展”,黑白切藝文空間,台中

2015 / 10 月 “Across the Universe” , “混種現場藝術季”,中山RUS21 創意基地,台北

2015 / 6 月 “勿忘影中人”,“勿忘影中人-黃立慧個展“,上光巷, 寶藏巖國際藝術村,台北

2015 / 5 月 “ ㄈ ross ㄈ ultural 尺elationship”,“TAV 電視攝影棚計畫”,百里廳, 台北國際藝術村,台北

2015 / 3 月 “Asian Babe “ , “Change Seed”,CoCA (Center on Contemporary Art),西雅圖

2014 / 7 月 “Hello Goodbye Chicago” ,“Happy Together” ,Morpho 藝廊,芝加哥

2013 / 4 月 “GHOST”, 2013 芝加哥藝術學院創作碩士畢業展,,Sullivan 展場,芝加哥。

2012 / 12 月 “Get a Room”, The Fifth Wall, Sullivan 展場,芝加哥。

2012 / 12 月 “Across the Universe”, First and For Most, Defibrillator 行為藝 術展演空間,芝加哥。

2011 / 2 月“15 分鐘的婚姻 II”,活彈藥, 台北當代藝術館, 台北。

2010 / 9 月“15 分鐘的婚姻 I”,深坑行為馬拉松, 新北市藝術節,新北市。

2008 / 12 月“讓我一次愛個夠”,2008 台北美術獎, 臺北市立美術館,台北。

2007 / 7 月“少女心中的小濕”,第九屆台北電影節,台北。


2019 Apartment of Art, Munich

2015 / 4-6 月,臺北寶藏巖國際藝術村


2017 第十六屆台新獎第四季提名

2008 The Daughter of Time, Nominated (2017 Season 4), The 16th Taishin Arts Award

2008 台北美術獎入圍

2007 第九屆台北電影節評審團特別獎

When I was in the 2nd grade, I learned that my father, Ying Wu Huang, had been a political prisoner during the White Terror period. Indeed my relationship with my father is quite personal, but it is also shaped by circumstances outside of my family. This kind of historical linkage between family and society happens all the time. The collective perception of history changes with the passing of time, yet it still affects every individual's current relationships. In this artist-in-residence in München, I would like to explore this topic more based on “The Daughter of Time”, to draw a parallel not only between the process of transitional justice which happened in Germany and in Taiwan, but also in my position as a member of two families. My mother-in-lawis a German-American who immigrated to United States with her family after World War II. The first time she met my father, who has always had a strong belief in left-wing politics and truly hates “American Imperialism”, he started talking about how great Germany was, trying to show his appreciation about her “nationality” without considering what his comments really meant to her. The irony I found at that moment, was that regardless of how much my father had hated his political beliefs being mistaken by others which was caused by the general label of political prisoner in Taiwan, he pretty much followed the same logic and probably mistook my mother-in-law for something else other than what she really is. What attracts me the most is how people’s cognization toward the outside world can vary through specific periods of time, how they deal with the drop caused by generations, and how the daily life fragments they leave behind are connected to the situations that they encounter. Distinguishing the origins of these fragments from one to the other provides an opportunity to get closer to the changing of perception, which is an outcome formed by the interaction among every passing moment, every present person, and also the absent ones.